7 Things Needed To Go From Boy To a Man. (2/2)

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Jamal Maison


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Everybody wants to be the boss or be the man.

It all takes time to build, and there is a reason why there is only the 1% that actually get to be the man that they always dreamed of.

Masculinity has gotten worse over the years due to the fact that everything that helped us grow got taken from us or replaced by things that provide instant gratification.

I had to write an article like this to remind myself how to operate and maybe I can motivate masculinity as a whole in the process. The value that comes with being a man is priceless, and I feel like all men should value it.

Some men would assume that there is no value in being a man, you get less sympathy, you have to pay all the bills, your expected to take care of your household, you can’t express emotion, you have to build social skills, status or a good life if you want a beautiful smart woman, you can’t be lazy, or your life will go in the dumpster.

Some would say that being a woman is easy because you get everything handed to you if you are pretty and wealthy man is willing to give it to you, you can be lazy as a woman, and you're not expected to take care of many things around the house except for cleaning, and kids if you have some.

Despite the fact, that I disagree with all of these norms, and I feel like each gender has an equal number of struggles, they are just all subjective and it takes being in that body, being that gender, having those hormones to understand. I wanted to sit here and write an article for the men out there on how to be a better man and how much value there actually is in being a man.

So here are my tips.

  1. You limit the time that you feel emotions.

Once you become a man that is constantly on his purpose and working towards his goals you will realize how your emotions really don’t sway that much.

I was watching a Shaquille O’neal interview, and he was mentioning that he doesn’t have time to feel emotions living the lifestyle that he lives. He has kids, his mother, and his two lovely mothers of his children to take care of, so each and every day he doesn’t really have time to express complaints…



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