A Manipulators Guide To Losing Their Obsession Of Control. Is This You?

Becoming Vulnerable.

Jamal Maison



Losing control.

Whether it be in your own life, in your friendships, or in your relationships.

It can be a great driving factor in a lot of people’s motives, and the crazy part is you might not even be a “controlling” partner or friend.

I’ve always been a person who has been obsessed with control but I don’t think that I would come across as controlling to people.

Instead, I was unintentionally manipulative and that was my method of asserting my control, not directly but passively.

Whether it was in friendships or short lived relationships, I gained my power in a subtle way and had a fear or went crazy when I got a sense that I was losing this power.

A prime example would be when I was dealing with a woman.

Most known manipulation techniques to gain power include:

Gaslighting: using psychological methods into questioning their own sanity or powers of reasoning.

Example- “it was just a joke” (Saying something hurtful & then stating that it was just a joke when you partner feels upset about it.)

Lying & Blaming: making untrue statements to gain power.

Example: “I didn’t even know that my ex was gonna be there, your being over dramatic”

Threats: Using threats or self harm to get someone to do something in your favor.

Example: if you do leave then I’m gonna kill myself.

Passive Aggression: Resisting cooperation with someone or being sarcastic to get someone to do something.

Example: *Loudly Sighing whenever you are upset instead of just communicating that you are upset.*

I would never lie, gaslight, or do anything for that matter but I would do terrible manipulative techniques like the silent treatment or withdrawal a lot without even realizing.

So If my partner was doing something that I didn’t like, or not doing what I wanted them to do, I would automatically withdraw myself from them, even if the action was insignificant. I would withdraw…



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