Building Self Discipline Is Just Like Building Your Credit.

Very Similar Concepts.

Jamal Maison


I lacked self discipline for a lot of years. I let my emotions dictate how I acted a lot of the times.

I’m not who I am today.

A man who just gets shit done regardless of the feeling.

It was a long-time coming *voiceover*

& I’m honestly grateful for that because nothing is worse than lacking self discipline, being aware of it, trying to change it, and noticing it isn’t really working.

What I wish I could tell my younger self; is that self discipline is a drug too.

Even though my vices like sex, drugs, and other activities were what I thought were the most addicting things. I wish I knew at an early time that I could be addicted to self-discipline in the same manner.

Once you are in line with your goals, developed a rhythm, and focused on a certain goal, it actually becomes really difficult to lose that tempo.

This is why you can see entrepreneurs actually become workaholics, and say things like…..

“it’s hard for me to stop working”

“It’s hard for me to loosen up”

“It’s harder for me to quit than it is to keep going”

You can almost get addicted to seeing your own progress and milestones.

Becoming lazy can also become a drug as well.

Once you get used to procrastinating, not following through, and putting things off, it can become a bit addicting as well.

I hope you can imagine why building self trust would be essential and beneficial to your wellbeing.

Self-trust increases every human’s impression that they can obtain the very thing they want & I’m comparing it to credit for two valid reasons.

1. In this world, credit is considered something of value when you lack the full amount of cash to purchase an item. Your credit score essentially shows sellers that you have the ability to be responsible and make small incremental payments each month on time. It gives sellers the opportunity to trust you and give you what you are asking for.



Jamal Maison

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