How A Tough Upbringing Could lead to Success.

A lot of successful people have had some tough upbringings grow up. It is something that I️ grew into being fascinated about. I️ love seeing a person come from nothing to something. I️ don’t know if it’s everybody, but I️ just feel like I️ can relate to those people in so many ways. I️ love those success stories because they remind me of myself and the chip that I️ always feel I️ had on my shoulder. I didn’t have too many things given to me as a kid, so I️ feel as though I️ grew up fast and learned to go after what I️ want at a young age.

I️ always wondered whether growing up in difficult situations provided people with the exact skills to become successful in the real world if they used them. I️ was just reading “the 50th Law” by 50 cent And Robert Green and he was explaining how people that have reached an impressive amount of success had a big advantage over people because of the lack of fear they had.

Lack of Fear ?


They had a lot less Fear than most people. They had the ability to be bold.

They had the ability to stay calm and in control in times of crisis.

They had the ability to Be Resilient in situations where people would crumble .

They had nothing to lose mindsets and were not afraid to take risks.

People aren’t born this way. We are all born into this world full of fear entering a world we don’t know. This is something that is acquired through encountering plenty of difficult situations. It’s through certain situations that we grow, we become fearless. It’s those tough times, and some of you that have been through it may understand what tough times I’m talking about.

  • Growing up in Poverty or even regularly seeing poverty
  • Experiencing the Loss Of someone you Love
  • Witnessing Somebody Die
  • Near death Experiences or even seeing people experience near death experiences
  • Experiencing any trauma or abuse as a Child
  • Growing up with a Single Parent and having to help take care of the household
  • Growing Up with A dysfunctional neglectful Drug Addicted parent and Having to raise yourself

The list Goes On …..

These situations give you a temporary shift of life from a different perspective. I️ can’t tell you what perspective because we are all different. Although, I️ can tell you through the situations I’ve been in, which include

•Being Shot at

•Experiencing a near fatal Car Crash

•Growing up with a Single mother during high School

•Losing a Loved one

•Witnessing somebody die

•Witnessing Traumatic experiences that involved my love ones

•I️ didn’t grow up in poverty but there were plenty days when the electricity and water was off.

These situations look at life more urgently, they made me think fast, it makes me think I️ have not that much to lose. It makes me motivated to make things happen. It makes me numb to pain because I️ have experienced way worse pain. This gives me an advantage over a lot of people

I’m able to do a lot of things other people aren’t willing to do because I’ve experienced way worse already, and I️ don’t have much to lose.

Many successful people have had these same circumstances


-Martin Luther King

-Eric Thomas

-Tyler Perry

-Kevin Hart


-Nelson Mendela

-Derrick Rose

-Damian Lillard

-Marshawn Lynch

-Gabrielle Union

-Tony Robbins

-A Shit Load Of Rappers including my Favorites (G Herbo, Chief Keef, Kodak Black, Future, Young Thug, Migos Etc.)

These people develop the ability to say “Fuck it” in situations when it comes to chasing their dreams. Some of these people grew up with the mentality that they weren’t going to live very long. Some of them were living everyday just trying to survive. Some of them were experiencing horrible amounts of pain every single day or Witnessing it. From my perspective, this makes you more authentic to people. You treat everybody as if it may be the last time you see them. You spend time doing what you want to do. You put your heart and soul into things to get an opportunity to get out of the situation your in. You care less what people think, because compared to the pain you have experienced, other people’s thoughts aren’t shit. You work urgent and bold because you don’t believe you have that much time, you don’t have much to lose, and not much can hurt you. You become Fearless

You start to act like this on autopilot.

The more acting you take, the more confidence you build.

You take control of your life .

Opposed to the person who has a pretty easy life, they may want it to stay easy and Comfortable and not do much to cause commotion.

Sometimes these people may put their comfort before their dreams and aspirations. They may become scared of what people think. They may think they have all day to live. They don’t really have much to work hard to get out of, because if they lose they are still in a comfortable place. They fail to take action so confidence Decreases.

Now if course I️ wouldn’t tell a person like this to experience going to the hood to be successful. I️ wouldn’t tell this person to encounter dangerous situations on purpose. These should happen to you in life anyway at some point, and you can’t control these circumstances.

The only way your courage can build is by taking action, and taking more risks.

Gradually build and do more scary things that help you accomplish whatever goal you feel you want to go far in.

Tip; Keep a Courage Journal

Every night write down one courageous Action you can take the next day towards a goal you have or trait you want to develop. (Does not have to be big, start as small as possible) Increase difficulty every month for a year. I️ also write down under the action what Fear I️ am facing and then I️ write the Good thing is that could come out of this action, and the bad thing.

The next day I️ do my Action and Cross it off at night time and write my experience and the positive I️ got from it, and the negative I️ would have experienced if I️ didn’t do it.

Over time your going to gain a sense of self confidence, new self respect, a courage, and people are going to sense it on you and love it. You are going to love yourself as Well.

Forgive yourself and retry if you fail to do an action

I’ll stop rambling.

Go take action and build that courage.



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