How Extreme Gratitude Converts Into Faith ..

Gratitude is an amazing thing.

It has the power to turn what we have into enough and more and Then We See even more of that in our reality.

It’s Funny man.

Gratitude is a Funny Thing.

I was in the Car speaking with my father last night and I was talking to him about how Funny Gratitude Is.

Like Isn’t it funny how the homeless person appreciates 1$ given to them, and the middle Class Person with a House, Family, and a job complains all The Time.

It led to me to thinking that possibly people that have been through the most stuff, humbles them to appreciate the smallest stuff.

And, alternatively the people that have the most stuff, in turn complain about the smallest stuff.

I look at gratitude a certain secret power every person has, and can choose to use, and the only reason it’s secret is because people don’t know how using it can change your life by

My Last Point ?

How Does Gratitude Turn into Faith?

3 ways…

Gratitude Is Powerful, and You don’t Have to Go By my Word.

You can apply and see For yourself

With the many ways to apply it by

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