The Dark Side Of Success and Dangers of Acquiring It Way Too Quickly…

Jamal Maison
5 min readApr 26, 2018
Take The “Slow” Route On The Road To Success

Certain things happen when we reach success too fast.

This post relates to people who grew up with humble, struggling beginnings and are trying to reach a new level in life. This post will show you why you should embrace and enjoy the moments of struggle. A lack of understanding in your journey and what you have to go through to get a reward can put you in a vicious cycle of self doubt, confusion, and result in early withdrawal.

This post would not relate to those that were born with a silver spoon in their mouth, but would rather relate to those that feel that they are in a rut, a black hole, and want to escape so bad that they will do anything. The fact that you want to escape is a good start but how you choose to escape is what will make you.

So Slow or Fast ?

You Ever Heard the Saying

“It’s not about the Destination, it’s about the journey”

This Quote expresses that our journey to success is the most important because it helps us grow. This relates to all aspects of life and in all situations more than you would know. We learn so many valuable lessons on this road, and it is valuable that we learn these lessons before we approach the top.

It’s okay to go through plenty of trial and error on your road to Success. When we do, we begin to build our success IQ. The only way you actually lose it, is if you quit, or quit the blueprint too early.

When deciding your goal, and what you want to accomplish, making a blueprint is vital and needed. If your not working towards getting a degree where the blue print is mapped out for you in a 4–6 year plan, making a blue print can be difficult. They don’t make blueprints for everything you want to accomplish in your life, especially since there are so many different ways to reach where you would like to go.

I always recommend modeling after people that are already doing what you are doing and learning from them. You can model your blueprint after these people and what they have accomplished, and tweak it when road blocks come up. Staying consistent and patient is the most important thing, because modeling after people that got success the fast way can leave you confused when you can’t do the same. I also guarantee that those people are either depressed and won’t last long in that field.

When we Reach success too fast we can sometimes go through deep depression. Some people only show the good parts of being successful and show off as much as they can. We may think these people have it all and start to hate our own lives in comparison. Although, successful people have problems that you may not even be prepared to Face.

Why do you think some of these celebrities end up on drug addictions, therapy, and Deep depression. There are music artist like Lil Wayne who drink Promethazine Codeine every day just to numb themselves. There are artist like Brittany spears who shave their head bald. There’s Whitney Houston, who died due to overdosing. Some of these Celebrities go crazy, and are just trying to numb themselves.

Because like 2pac Said, More Money, More Problems.

Sometimes, if we reach success too quick we can have heavy guilt and believe we don’t deserve any of the success that we acquired.

We can have a lot of people pop up in our life that were never there. We won’t know who is really in our life for us or for beneficial reasons.

We can have a lot of pressure on our shoulders to keep up the success.

We can have a spouse that doesn’t really love us for us , or one who can become intimidated by your success and leave.

We can lose time for some of the things in life we thought we would make time for. Are you ready to miss out on your son’s championship baseball game, your sister’s wedding, your daughter’s play etc.

We can risk becoming naturally arrogant, and a jerk to people. Sometimes being successful and having a bunch of money can change you if you let it. You can look at other people as peasants and treat them as such a way.

We can become overwhelmed by the favors people ask of you. Long lost family members asking for money, media asking for your time. If your a person who isn’t good at saying “no”, you will need to if you want to be successful.

The fast life may overwhelm you. You may not like constant traveling, business meetings, and restaurant food.

People can break in your home, attempt to ruin your new car. A lot of jealousy could arise, and cause your own friends true insecurities to come out. Fake friends will distance themselves from you, because they can’t handle your lifestyle anymore.

This doesn’t mean success is a bad thing. It just has problems like being unsuccessful does. Although, I’d rather go through successful problems if it means I’m taking care of my family, and making an impact on people’s lives.

That’s why you should work your butt of to success and be Patient.

The time will come when your ready for it. Take all opportunities to get better but don’t ever shortcut your way to success in any way. Take the long route, you’ll feel much better about your success, and last longer on top.

Zat Rana explain more of this in an article called “The purpose of Life isn’t to be happy”. It’s actually the road to Success and overcoming that adversity that is key in life. If your not enjoying the journey and the progress your making, then you won’t last that long.

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