The Most important Step To Grow And Change your Life in a Positive Direction!

Jamal Maison
4 min readDec 6, 2017

This is the Single Most first important step to become anything you want to be.

This is the single most important part to moving forward in life, and Not live life in a Cycle.

Doing this will ensure you avoid ….

•Reaching Success And Still feeling Unhappy and Empty inside.

•Going into a Cycle Of Inconsistency

•Self Sabotage

•Being Unhappy During the Process

•Wasting your time and Chasing things you actually have no Interest in.

Can You Guess ?

I’ll stop Teasing.

It’s Self Acceptance.

Now wait Before you leave because you have the information that you need, and you believe it is Cliche, listen to me for a Second.

Look I know, I know You’ve Heard this a Million Times.

I know You have already Tried To apply This, or have you really ?

For the people that still don’t know what self acceptance is, I’m going to explain it to you the right way to apply it.

I was There Too.

I read so much self help articles on Self Acceptance and thought I “applied” it.

Of Course I didn’t because I was still not getting results and Getting frustrated with myself.

Here’s What I was Doing, and Maybe You can Relate it to this;

“I accept Myself, I fully accept myself”

*Feels Joy*

Continues with day.

Still be mad at myself for certain things, feel insecure, Scared to Grow.

Here’s What Changed;

I set aside the Last 15 Minutes Of My day to True Self Acceptance.

What is true self Acceptance?

True Self Acceptance is a “I am doing enough, I have Enough, and I am Enough” type of Feeling.

It is a Constant “I am exactly Where I am Supposed to be” Kind Of Feeling.

This is the Best place to Operate from When it comes to trying to change anything about your life. This is because you start to operate from a Place Of Love, Gratitude&abundance, rather than Fear and Escape.

The last 15 Minutes Of Everyday I go through a 3 Phase Sequence throughout the Week.

So Say I start On Monday.

Here is How it will Look like and Then I will explain:

  • Monday: Phase 1: Self Acceptance Writing Exercise #1
  • Tuesday:Phase 2:Self Acceptance Writing Exercise #2
  • Wednesday:Phase 3:Self Acceptance Meditation
  • Repeat This Sequence throughout the week, So on Thursday you would continue and Do Phase 1 Again.

Lastly Keep A Journal To Keep Track Of Some simple actions you can take towards what you want to Change, Go over this Every night, Just simply write what you did and Applaud yourself. Watch Your Confidence build.

Here Are The Exercises;

Self Acceptance Exercise #1: Take a Sheet Of a Paper and Draw a Line In the Middle and Title One side “What I like About Myself” then The other Side “Things I don’t like About Myself”. Now Start making a List on Each Side Of and make it as long or Short as You want. Lastly, on The back think and Write ways how the things that you don’t like about yourself benefit you. This will change your perception of your flaws over time, and Give you the power to love them in the process Of changing them.

Self Acceptance Exercise #2: Take a Sheet Of paper and List All The things that people don’t accept about you. Although you would make it into a Sentence that states “I wish _____Would accept…”, so for example “I wish my parents would accept my style of fashion”. You would then transform that sentence into “I wish I would Accept my style of fashion”. Lastly, You would transform that sentence into “I accept my style of Fashion”. You would do this with various sentences. Then, on your action notebook, you could take action that shows you accept what you wear, buy wearing your favorite clothes that you’ll be judged for, as an Example.

Self Acceptance Meditation:

You can find these on YouTube by just typing in “Self Acceptance Exercise”

These will really shift you and you will feel the difference in your actions the next day. You will feel happy to take them, and you will see a difference in how people respond to you in a positive way.

I have a Collection Of 3 I do, but my Favorite one is :

Doing this Routine For a Period Of At Least 30 Days-3 Months will drastically change your life and the way you feel about yourself. You will feel different after running through all 3 phases, I am Telling You.

Along with taking action. You will be unstoppable.

P.s. Adding 2 Minutes Of Meditation afterwards Works Wonders.

Self Acceptance is Key and The Real “Fresh Start”

-Jamal Maison



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