The Stupid “Change Your Life In 30 Days” Articles & The Reality

There are so many articles out there explaining how you can “change your life” by doing this one simple method, or change your life in 30 days.

It is hilarious to me how many self-help articles are titled that way, and how many people actually click on it. I’m guilty of posting these misleading titles, and attracting clicks from desperate users, so I’m ratting myself out as well.

The reality is that there is no such thing as a quick method that will change your life significantly in 30 days. You shouldn’t be aiming to change your life that quick anyway. Searching for a quick fix, and a fast escape can actually hurt your actual growth, and become addictive.

This is the downside of Self-help.

This is what I hate about self-help.

We can become addicted to this quick change, and fixing everything about ourselves. It can actually hinder us when we try to find our escape through this addiction.

In reality, we are running away from ourselves.

In actuality, the best change and growth you can apply to your life is fully accepting yourself first. This is the place that you need to work from when it comes to self-help, a place of self-acceptance and wholeness.

From this place, you can create lasting change, you can become patient, and not do things out of desperation but out of love, and enjoyment.

Doing things that you don’t enjoy to improve a part of yourself that you don’t like means that your most likely doing it for other people. Therefore, the change won’t stick and won’t be achieved as effectively.

For example, if you loved a part of yourself, but everybody else hated it, changing it would be a hassle, and a burden because you’re taking all that energy to change for other people just to be liked.

As opposed to changing a part of yourself for yourself, you would actually enjoy making the change, seeing the progress, and wouldn’t be running away from yourself.

Running away from yourself actually makes you run in circles, and you will never be happy. You will be on this trip of self-help where you are never satisfied with who you are.


The fact of the matter is there will always be somebody out there that has more than you, there will always be something that you can improve about yourself.


This doesn’t mean you should strive to be better than everybody, and you should fix every flaw about you, especially since every flaw is not “bad”.

Not everybody is going to like your flaws, and that is perfectly fine as long as you are okay with them and they’re not hindering you from reaching your goals.

Life is not a competition or some training camp.

Life is life and should be lived, enjoyed, and loved.

Thank You For Taking The Time to read this article!



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